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Privacy Policy

At no time do we ever desire to buy, sell, trade, etc. your data/information including cookies to any other third party affiliate. Rest assured that your personal data if kept confidential. If in the near future a newsletter is established i our behalf we will follow the same respect of guarding and protecting your personal contact information in the process of adding your email to our mailing list.

Furthermore by viewing, browsing, commenting, or any other similar behavior associated with this blog and website, you are agreeing to hold us not liable to any unforeseen incidentals as well as to any product that you may purchase based off of our reviews etc.

We by no means have any ill intent with this “Privacy Policy”. Rather we have been advised by our legal department to make this a public notice in order to hold all those involved with Portable-DVD-Players-Guide.com harmless and completely indemnified for any current or future issues that may arise. Having said that, we reserve the right to update, change, etc. the privacy policy without express written warning or consent.

If you desire any further collateral information or have questions in search of ongoing clarification, please feel free to email us at: support@portable-dvd-players-guide.com.

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