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We have created this particular “About us” page to help you learn a little bit more about who we are and what we do, how we do it and lastly, why we do it. As time continues, keep checking in to see the constant updates we will be making on the Portable-DVD-Players-Guide.com webpage.

WHO: We are an online full service informative portable dvd player guide company serving the entire world wide web!

WHAT: We provide quality based reviews on diverse products but also we have integrated just about anything techno into this new interface and design.

HOW: We are pioneering a unique and much less labor intensive procedure following the basic help ticket system. We have learned that the majority of our clientele have been able to resolve their issues through their instruction manuals and with todays user friendly functions and buttons there really has become a major decline in a need for our services. With this in mind we have decided to stop writing so much content through hours of research and to simply answer concerns and questions as they arise. If no questions or comments are ever shared, then we will simply create topics for discussion and debate as well as for further learning and insight.

WHY: It is our passion to serve the community abroad when it comes to portable dvd players and guidance. We know that there is not a very large online community within this arena, so we figured we might as well stay on top and continue to serve those in request of our help. True, there is not much of a desire anymore for all things relating to portable dvd players, alas there is still some being sold. As long as there is, we know there is a need for us to be around and to help resolve any and all questions, concerns and or to just be a listening ear when you want to share. We hope this will be reciprocated when we rant and blog about nonsensical things from time to time as well?

WHERE: Online of course at: www.portable-dvd-players-guide.com

Having shared all this, we hope you understand a little bit better about who we are and why we do it? We truly cannot do this alone without your loyalty and ongoing comments. So please be an active part of the portable dvd player movement!

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