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Perfect gift?

I was wondering if the portable DVD player is considered a perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary or for a Christmas gift or not? I was also wondering if it is not the best idea for any of those occasions, then what is a good celebratory time to give or receive a portable DVD player? Is there really a perfect time to ever give a portable DVD player? So many variations to these particular questions.

I also sometimes wonder if I need to give up the dream altogether? I am so scared that the portable DVD player is almost if not already becoming extinct? I suppose if I can’t beat them then it is best to join them. So if I were to finally surrender to this concept, what would I be transferring to? Perhaps this is a great topic I should further expound upon in the upcoming blogs I write. I really do need to take some time to research online and in electronic stores and to see what all of the new and improved video/TV/CD/DVD options are these days!

Perhaps at bare minimum, I can buy a whole lot of portable DVD’s at a huge marked down price? Either way I believe I can only benefit when it comes to learning more about the latest portable dvd trends. As always I openly welcome any ideas or comments that help bring about a higher awareness of what this current or past topics I have blogged about. If you need to get in touch with me, please use the following hyperlinks below to do so.

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