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Football Viewing Pleasure

I was curious how many of you have a portable DVD/TV/Wi-Fi capable player? Does it even exist? I am wondering if it is the wave of the future or if I should give up on my dreams of the ultimate portable dvd player. I was sitting here thinking that this would make my college game day more fun and exciting and enjoyable as I am out and about running errands. I suppose the only difference between this and a smart phone is the ability to play DVD’s and a much larger screen.

I love to watch college football but seem to be too busy to sit down and enjoy a full game without doing something productive. I usually feel guilty as well. So I find myself doing something simultaneously and feel justified in what I am doing but soon realize that when I try to double up on efforts and bee productive and lazy at the same time it just does not work. I end up giving in to lazy and only get half as much accomplished as I set out to do.

Moral of the story here is that we just need to prioritize what matters most and then do everything in ¬†your power to get eh job done. Thank goodness that TIVO was invented. I am now able to do what needs to be done and watch the game when all of my activities are accomplished first. Speaking of which I need to make more time for my family so with that said I am going to spend some time with them and help out with the chores and enjoy some good ole’ fashion college football game day!

Please leave a comment or question if you have any. Also let me know if anyone out there has access to or knowledge of the wonder portable dvd player out there?

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