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What is the future of portable players

With all of the technology rapidly changing around us almost on a daily basis, at least it seems to be this way. What is the future of portable dvd players. Are they going to be obsolete or is there always going to be a need for them? Apple, Inc. seems to think yes, the portable dvd player is obsolete. My proof with this is that even though it is a far stretch it is still a sign. Their newer model MacBooks from 2015 forward do not even have a slot for a disc drive anymore. With Apple being at the forefront of current technology they seem to believe this is the way of the future. Although they do offer an attachment for their MacBooks as an external disc drive but then again this drive I speak of does not allow any disc burning or copying as wells any dvd capabilities.

Just when you think that there might still be some hope for the dvd disc drive with Apple (but barely hanging by a thread) they destroy all hopes and dreams by not allowing any burning or disc playing functions. Really all it is for is reading data and putting it onto your desktop. Apparently the world of MP3 and MP4’s is the new way of the future. With the click of a mouse or an “enter” button, you can have the world of music and movies at your fingertips. Between Amazon and Netflix the portable dvd player is being forced to become the minivan poster child.

I for one do not like this at all, but I must surrender to the almighty technology Gods. What they say…goes! This is where belief meets reality and the reality of it all is that the portable dvd player is about to become extinct and hang out in the graveyard with the VCR player, the 8-track, the cassette player, as well as some of the other short lived kooky inventions such as the mini disc, the walk-man, the laser disc and so on. Having said all this, it does make you wonder if the bluray is going to stand the test of time or join the others in the boneyard? Feel free to comment or ask any questions on your mind.

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