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Where can I buy a portable dvd player?

Do you have a favorite place to shop?  Do you usually do online research before hitting the stores to buy?  Do you just buy everything online? This blog was started because I recently lost my new 10″ Samsung portable dvd player while on a family trip visiting my relatives in Flower Mound, Texas. We thought it would be nice for our little children (cousins) to go to “Six Flags Over Texas” while visiting. To make the journey even more interesting, we decided to be chauffeured by a limo company to focus on each other, rather than the stop and go traffic we were warned about. Needless to say, you probably know by now where this story is going. Yes, that’s right, one of the children accidentally left the portable dvd player in the limousine once we arrived. I think we were all so excited to get out and explore the park that we forgot to look for any items left behind.

We called up the limo company about 13 hours later once we realized it was missing and they said they would look around and get back to us. At first they said they did not see it…apparently the color back blends in really well in the back of a stretch limo. Long story short I started searching online for another portable dvd player and a couple days later the limo company called back and said they found it! I was excited that they did, but I already was in the process of obtaining another one. I decided to let my brother in Flower Mound keep it and thought that as I was researching different portable dvd players, I would share some of my results with you all.

I know some people who are Amazon prime members and buy everything off of Amazon.  My brother in  law, for example, loves having everything sent to his front door!  He loves it so much that he knows the ins and outs of Amazon and Amazon prime.  If you have any questions, he’s the one to ask about Amazon prime and all of the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member.  He even convinced my other brother in law to sign up and he now enjoys the same benefits of having everything sent to his front door.  My wife signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and missed the must cancel before this date so she was charged for Amazon Prime for the year.  We don’t order a ton, like my brother in laws but being an Amazon Prime member does have some perks.  You should look into it if you like to do online shopping.

As I researched different places to buy portable dvd players some of the stores that show up on page one of google are: Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Kmart and Target.  Walmart, Best Buy, Kmart and Target all offer online ordering capabilities.  The nice thing about some of these stores is that you can order online and then pick up at the store so you don’t have to pay for shipping.  I sometimes opt for this option and so does my wife as well.

In my experience, Best Buy always has floor staff to help you make an educated decision.  I like that someone will usually approach you and ask if you have any questions.  Best Buy has a lot of staff to help answer any questions you may have about a product you are looking to buy.  At Walmart, Kmart or Target you usually have to search for someone to help you and answer any questions you may have about a product.

If you have had a good experience with buying a portable dvd player online or in a store please share with us what your findings.

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