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Can you imagine going on a road trip without a portable dvd player? Me neither! I believe these little bad boys are extremely underestimated even today. That is why this blog was established to talk about these but also to just talk about life as well. Technology and love seem so intertwined these days you just can not have one without the other anymore. At least that is what is seems like to me. This topic alone deserves to be blogged about on a later occasion. Please help remind us that the discussion on technology, where it is heading as well as leading us as society as a whole for a later date.

Now, back to the headline and main purpose of the whole blog thread. I am curious how many of you out there have had an extensive amount of miles driven on a road trip both with and without a portable dvd player? Now after comparing the two which is better? Well if you enjoy a quiet time able to finally slow things down and talk to one another it is a no brainer. Equally, if you do not have young children again it might be nice to just visit with each other. However, if you do have children and they are young, I am willing to bet you absolutely enjoyed the power and freedom a portable DVD player provided? If you had the headphones working, even more of a bonus! The only downfall is if you become really bored and drained with hearing the same Disney movie played over and over for the next 8-12 hours.

The next question I have is what is the better choice between the portable dvd players. More in particular the built in upgrade on minivans and SUV’s or the actual hand held compatible/portable dvd player? Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages. The portable dvd player built in to the car will essentially never run out of a power source. At the same time, because it is built in and if it ever breaks down, the car industry has a monopoly on jacking up the rates and forcing you to go through their repair services. So with owning a hand held portable DVD player, you can take it out of the car and anywhere you would prefer. This reminds me of yet another future blog when I had a small 4X8 inch Polaroid portable dvd player that I used for a first date with my now wife of 8 years. I personally believe the best solution to deciding which is best is to own at least one of each. That way you do not have to go without any of the pro’s both of them bring to the table.

I look forward to sharing some personal stories that involve portable dvd players, life and technology of course. So come back soon and see what else has been updated on a regular basis. Don’t forget to get involved and comment and share this with your friends and family. Have a wonderful day and thanks for your time. We will see you really soon!

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