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Hi!  I am submitting this blog as a guest/affiliate writer for my friend Henry.  My name is Sally and I was thrilled to share a bit on the topic of portable dvd players and the practical use they still have in this day and age.

Have you ever become so dependent on something that if it breaks and you don’t replace it right away, it affects your day and your life?  Well, this happened to our family.  The day our portable dvd player broke will be a day that we will never forget, especially my kids.  We have had a portable dvd player in our van for over a year now and every time my kids are riding with me they ask to watch a movie.  My kids are still young, so it is usually a disney movie that they ask to watch.  They are totally obsessed with watching movies in the van as we go around town running errands that when our portable dvd player broke it was torture for me and miserable for them.  It was torture for me because they were constantly fighting and miserable for them because they had become so hooked to watching movies every time we went anywhere in the van that they were so disappointed when it broke.  It took us a few weeks to get a new one and when we finally did, it was like we were going to Disney Land or something.  My kids were so happy and they started getting along better as well!

Can you relate?  Do you have a portable dvd player in your vehicle?  Do you always turn it on for your kids to keep them entertained…even if you are just running around town doing errands?  What has your experience been with portable dvd players?  Thanks for reading my post about using portable dvd players on the go!  Please leave a message and share with me and Henry about your experiences with portable dvd players or using them on the go.

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