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Welcome to our new and improved blog!

Hello everyone. We are thrilled to introduce to you our new and improved website. Visit us daily for more content rich material as we plan on getting back in the saddle again as the premier portable DVD players guide! Well that day has come now as some free time was set aside to share of the latest happenings in regards to www.portable-dvd-players-guide.com. What has been happening more and more is the automobile industry has been including built-in dvd players into their cars as a standard feature anymore. So with this happening we can only deduct that there is still a huge need and desire from the consumers to have their portable dvd technology right there beside them wherever they may go. The problem is that it is limited to its probability being built in to the automobile.

One simple solution would be to allow the dvd player to detach from the ceiling of the car’s roof. That might still be a technology far away though, or maybe even obsolete the way technology changes so rapidly. Point in case, remember the beeper or a voicemail machine, or ever better the VHS videos for a VCR. What I am trying to get at is this. People love their movies and love to watch them on the go. So long as this is the case, there will always be a need for Portable DVD Players Guide on the world wide web. Granted we have made a dramatic change to our interface and services we provide, but one thing remains. Our dedication to our audience and provision of quality based and current information and reviews on the latest and greatest products. We also plan on throwing in a few home brewed stories of our own and wouldn’t be opposed to receiving some of your own.

At first glance it seems weird to create a whole blog/website that is dedicated just to portable dvd players, however, stranger things have happened. We are excited and anxious to hear back from you as well as to learn how we can improve and better serve you. We would prefer to be more hands on with your requests and comments instead of spending countless hours in writing step by step guides for each and every different dvd players that are portable. So please feel free to chime in and ask away as we are the leading experts when it comes to helping you with any type of portable dvd player.

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